Nainggolan: 'Roma proved themselves投注网站'

“I think we can say that today we showed Roma are a strong side and were only one goal away from qualification.”

“We had the chances for 3-1, we tried our best and gave everything we had. We c网络外围投注ould’ve scored with those opportunities,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“I believe that psychologically we had a fantastic night, because we fought back straight away after going behind and continued to pour forward, naturally allowing some Lyon counter-attacks in those circumstances.

“We wanted to progress in the Europa League, but we can’t get stuck in the past. We have to take what’s good from this game and go forward.”

Radja Nainggolan felt Roma “gave everything we had and proved we are a strong side,” but have bitter regrets after the first leg against Lyo皇冠外围投注n.

“Again with Porto we played well in the first leg and held on for a draw when down to 10 men. I think we need to control the game better, but it’s difficult to speak now about results because there is so much regret. We had the chances, that’s what hurts.

“We felt the presence of the fans, of course, but this year we won all the home matches except one, so we can’t use that a真人外围投注s an excuse.

The ultras continued their boycott, but the Curva Sud was still packed for the first time this season with 43,019 fans present at the Stadio Olimpico.

“At the end of the day, that fourth goal in the first leg was decisive. We had played so well in the opening stages, showed we wanted to win and qualify.

The Giallorossi lost 4-2 in France and that made insufficient to secure a place in the Europa League quarter-finals.