Preziosi: 'Step forward, G赌博enoa buyers'

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“This means investing and planning. This is how Genoa became part of my family. And I can never accept seeing my family attacked in this uncivilised manner.

“I did it because I respect Genoa. I have always respected Genoa, from when I bought the club with many millions on the table as a deposit. They were figures that might’ve seemed out of proportion for a team that ended up in Serie C, on the verge of bankruptcy. They weren’t, because Genoa deserved a different path and in these years, we wrote that story.

“I confirm that I am determined to sell Genoa, I am ready to hand it over to advisors as soon as we have mathematically ensured our Serie A safety.

“I will not run away, it is not in my DNA, as I accept confrontation and in doing so reaffirm the reality of the situation. A decade in Serie A represents a unique run and I don’t want to see this marvellous work thrown away.

“I am proud. Proud of what we have built in these years with Genoa, proud of getting back on track after difficult moments, of guaranteeing the oldest club in Italy to hold the position it deserves, a difficult achievement in modern football,” read the statement.

“I am proud, because we did it, because for 10 years Genoa have stayed where they deserve to be, in Serie A: this is already the 10th season, a record in the post-War period.

“I am prepared to sell Genoa, not to get rid of it. Therefore any kind of protest is not only futile, but also damaging. I don’t want to destroy the work that guaranteed 10 years in Serie A, which allowed champions like Mimmo Criscito to come through the youth academy and to see stars like Diego Milito, Thiago Motta, Rodrigo Palacio, Diego Perotti, Iago Falque and more wear the Rossoblu jersey.

“I still want to explain how things really are. Now those who think I should leave Genoa must make a constructive effort: propose a concrete name, an investor who proves he has the necessary strength to open a new era.

“Anyone who can truly match what we have achieved can step forward and hopefully will be capable of doing even better.

Genoa President Enrico Preziosi released a statement confirming he is prepared to sell the club, inviting “any investor who can match what we have achieved.”

“These are my choices, because I firmly believe that nobody has the right to change the lives of people with intimidation. I did not allow myself to be intimidated and I won’t start now.

“I always asked myself why no locals from Genoa wanted to invest in this marvellous club. The fans ask themselves that today as they protest what we achieved: I think the easy an网上21点swer above all is found by reading what’s happening today.

&线上足球投注ldquo;This is just splitting the fanbase, refusing to accept the ideas of others and wanting to impose your own. These divisions are counter-productive for the future of Genoa.”

“I don’t want that for Genoa, for the fans, for the city or for all the people who believe in this team. I asked, including in my last television interview, the chance to have a direct discussion with the Genoa fans. I detest monologues and the television station that invited me had also invited along those who are protesting me, but they refused.

“It has not been easy, and was certainly a strain for me in economic terms to make the investments, face difficulties and spend time and energy on this club.

“These 10 years should be sporting satisfaction and it’s all thanks to a project. We reached fourth place in Serie A, but did not stop, we continued to fight, without ever returning back to Serie B.

“I opened a new era, nobody had managed that in the post-War period, not even when the city was a strategic centre of Italian and European economy, but the team was languishing in Serie B or C.

Fans are increasingly angry at the patron for selling top stars every summer and even in the January transfer window, losing Leonardo Pavoletti, Tomas Rincon and Lucas Ocampos.

<网络外围投注p> “This is why I decided (against the desires of the Coach and players) to send the squad away from the Pegli training ground to prepare calmly for the next very delicate game.

“We guaranteed ourselves a future and that is my idea of Genoa. That is also the idea that many Rossoblu fans have, I hope it will be accepted by those who see things differently.